No-Nonsense Guide to Water

No-Nonsense Guide to Water

By Maggie Black



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Water sustains life: without it, humans cannot survive for more than a few days. And yet this precious fluid is increasingly politicized as the debates about the world’s water supply gain force. Who owns water? Who pays for the pumps, the pipelines—and the leaks? And what does this mean to local cultures and economies? Concerns are growing over the control and ownership of water itself, and of the many organizations that govern its use.

In this No-Nonsense Guide, Maggie Black explores the many roles that water plays in human life—in history, health, transport, recreation, rituals, economic systems, and politics. The defence of water rights in communities around the world is set to become explosive—will “water wars” be the next step?

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For anyone who wants a lucid, factual, reliable guide to some of the most important issues of our time, I strongly recommend you check out the No-Nonsense Guides.

– Howard Zinn, social activist and author of a A People’s History of America

The No-Nonsense Guides target those topics that a large army of voters cares about, but that politicos evade.

– The Independent, London, U.K.

A splendid new series of pocketable guides to issue politics…rigorously clear.

– The Guardian, London, U.K.


Chapter 1 Water: Life Force
Chapter 2 Water, Survival and Health
Chapter 3 Water to Eat
Chapter 4 Water at a Price
Chapter 5 A Resource Under Threat
Chapter 6 Rights and Wrongs of Water
Chapter 7 Water Wars or Water Peace