No-Nonsense Guide to the United Nations

No-Nonsense Guide to the United Nations

By Maggie Black



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In the first book to distill the entire history of the United Nations into one accessible volume, Maggie Black explains how this complex organization works. In doing so, she explores its successes, failings, and limitations.

This No-Nonsense Guide addresses the U.N.’s creation and early history, how it is structured, and whether it can effectively fulfill its mandate. The author considers possibilities for reform to make it more democratic and efficient.

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Black’s hard-nosed mini-history of the United Nations is compact and highly readable… an ideal primer for a new generation as well as a welcome memory-refresher for those of us who think we know it.

– Frederic Eckhard, official spokesperson for Kofi Annan, 1997-2005

Well-informed, acutely insightful, sharply opionated and highly readable – a must for anyone interested in the UN!

– Shashi Tharoor, former UN Under-Secretary-General


Chapter 1 “We the Peoples …
Chapter 2 Bringing an End to the Scourge of War
Chapter 3 Rescue and Relief
Chapter 4 UN Development Assistance: Good, Bad or Indifferent?
Chapter 5 Laws and Prophets
Chapter 6 Protecting the Global Commons
Chapter 7 The Prospects for UN Reform