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No-Nonsense Guide to Religion

By Symon Hill  

No-Nonsense Guide to Religion
  • Paperback / softback

“Religion” is a term that the media often use without any clarification. But it is a loaded word that encompasses hundreds of different beliefs. Religion can be seen as a source of war and peace, love and hate, dialogue and narrow-mindedness. The globalization of communications has raised awareness of religious conversion, with more people than ever before belonging to a different religious community than their parents.

The No-Nonsense Guide to Religion considers how religion has shaped our culture, and how our culture is shaping religion today.

Part of the No-Nonsense Guides series.

  • Paperback / softback, 144 pages
  • ISBN 9781897071625
  • Published March 2010
  • EPUB
  • ISBN 9781771130622
  • Published March 2010


I recommend this book, not simply as another good book about religion (it is that) but as [a collection of] some fresh thinking about the way forward for religion.

The Friend

Table of Contents

Foreword by Ziauddin Sardar
Chapter 1 Talking about Religion
Chapter 2 A Religious World
Chapter 3 Questions of Truth
Chapter 4 Power and Oppression
Chapter 5 Resistance and Liberation
Chapter 6 An Elusive Freedom
Chapter 7 Sacred Violence, Sacred Peace
Chapter 8 The Future

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