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No-Nonsense Guide to Global Surveillance

By Robin Tudge  

No-Nonsense Guide to Global Surveillance
  • Paperback / softback
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Spying, once solely the domain of the KGB, CIA, CSIS, and MI5, has become part of everyday life. Governments routinely trawl our emails, closed-circuit security cameras follow us in malls, office buildings, and on street corners, while databases of our DNA and other personal details become larger all the time.

This No-Nonsense Guide provides a well-researched look into the history of surveillance and how the process is carried out today with the aid of technology and often, lack of express consent.

Part of the No-Nonsense Guides series.

  • Paperback / softback, 168 pages
  • ISBN 9781897071700
  • Published April 2011
  • EPUB
  • ISBN 9781771130530
  • Published April 2011


This well-written, forceful overview provides an excellent introduction to the history and contemporary issues of the world of surveillance and shows how we are all affected by its exponential growth - whether we want to be or not.

– Privacy International

For anyone who wants a lucid, factual, reliable guide to some of the most important issues of our time, I strongly recommend you check out the No-Nonsense Guides.

– Howard Zinn, social activist and author of a A People’s History of America

A splendid new series of pocketable guides to issue politics…rigorously clear.

– EM>The Guardian*, London, U.K.

The No-Nonsense Guides target those topics that a large army of voters cares about, but that politicos evade.

The Independent, London, U.K.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Gus Hosein
Chapter 1 A Day in the Life… ’Big Brother’ Today
Chapter 2 A Brief History of Surveillance
Chapter 3 The Death of Privacy
Chapter 4 The Dangers of ID Cards
Chapter 5 The Technology of Control
Chapter 6 Big Brother is Watching--and Making a Fat Profit
Chapter 7 The Politics of Fear
Chapter 8 Brave New World

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