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No-Nonsense Guide to Global Finance

By Peter Stalker  

No-Nonsense Guide to Global Finance
  • Paperback / softback
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“Meltdown,” “crisis,” “downturn,” and the dreaded “R-word”: recession. These words have migrated from business sections to headline news.

From barter to coins, from the origins of banking to today’s credit crunch, this highly topical book explores cash, borrowing, and lending, and delves into the dark side of the global financial system.

But as we teeter on the brink of a global depression, space develops for new thinking. From doing away with tax havens, putting teeth into regulation, and taxing currency transactions, this book makes suggestions for a fresh start and argues that another (financial) world is possible.

Part of the No-Nonsense Guides series.

  • Paperback / softback, 160 pages
  • ISBN 9781897071571
  • Published July 2009
  • EPUB
  • ISBN 9781771130516
  • Published July 2009


An excellent job of deconstructing finance.

– Walden Bello, president of Freedom from Debt Coalition

Table of Contents

Foreword by Walden Bello
Chapter 1 Coining It: The Origins of Hard Cash
Chapter 2 The Money Illusion
Chapter 3 Banks of Every Shape and Size
Chapter 4 Capital Casinos
Chapter 5 Coping with Currency
Chapter 6 The Ugly Sisters
Chapter 7 Meltdown
Chapter 8 Starting Afresh

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