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Between the Lines

40 years of books without bosses, 1977-2017


The Politics of the Extreme Centre

By Alain Deneault  Translated by Catherine Browne  


$22.95 – Available for purchase on May 15th, 2018

Medi·oc·racy: noun the state of domination created by a ruling class composed entirely of mediocre people, for instance, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, etc.

There was no Reichstag fire. No storming of the Bastille. No mutiny on the Aurora. Instead, the mediocre have seized power without firing a single shot. They rose to power on the tide of an economy where workers produce assembly-line meals without knowing how to cook at home, give customers instructions over the phone that they themselves don’t understand, or sell books and newspapers that they never read.

  • Paperback / softback, 216 pages
  • ISBN 9781771133432
  • Coming May 2018


“Farewell originality, talent, passion, subversion. According to researcher Alain Deneault, we are now living under the dictatorship of the extreme centre…[Mediocracy is] a brilliant refutation of the maxim that moderation is always in good taste.”

– Martine Desjardins, author of Maleficium and columnist for “L’actualité”

Table of Contents

1 "Knowledge" and expertise
2 Trade and finance
3 Culture and civilization
4 Revolution: ending what harms the common good
5 The Politics of the Extreme Centre

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