Maththatmatters 2

Maththatmatters 2

A teacher resource linking math and social justice

By David Stocker, Illustrated by Minnow Holtz-Carriere


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  • Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario's Professional Learning and Curriculum Development Award, 2019 (Winner)

In his follow-up to the groundbreaking Maththatmatters, David Stocker gives us Maththatmatters2 a collection of 50 brilliant lessons for grades 6-9 that link mathematics and social justice. For educators keen to provide rich learning opportunities and differentiated content that engages students with their lived realities, these lessons are sure to spark meaningful discussions…and action.


Actually, I have never understood math better. Not only do I understand the general skill, I can also begin to understand the world better. And if I understand the world better I can change things. And knowing that is one of the best things in the entire world. There is no way to describe that feeling.

– Xochil, student

We are at a point in history where we need young people to be fully engaged in their worlds, and mathematics for social justice plays no small part in that engagement.

– Joel Westheimer, University Research Chair in Demcocracy and Education at the University of Ottawa

Maththatmatters brings together math and social justice, in a way that makes them both more compelling, and the world a little more understandable.

– Linda McQuaig, author


1 Canada: Peacekeeper or Profiteer?
2 Tar-Nished
3 Pointed Questions
4 Little Do We Know
5 Fear
6 All That Glitters
7 Exhaust-ed
8 Spilled
9 Thin
10 Graphic
11 Beyond Left & Right
12 Well Spoke-n
13 Jux-tice
14 Bridge Over Troubled Waters
15 Exit Strategy
16 Cross Roads
17 Take a Peak
18 Shark Infested Waters
19 Mapping Access
20 Unity
21 The (Bottom) Line
22 Fare Prices
23 Bitter
24 Washed Up
25 Under Threat
26 Collapse
27 Where Can They Bee?
28 Buffet
29 Earthship
30 Bay of the Beaver
31 Tough Call
32 WTF? (What The Frack?)
33 David And Goliath
34 Trans[form]
35 Missing
36 Up Front
37 Mouseprint
38 Tipping Point
39 Get Out The Lead
40 The Cat in the Coalmine
41 Pillaging the Public Purse (P3s)
42 Damned
43 Pad-dling Upstream
44 Vice Grip
45 The Drone of War
46 Layers
47 The Threat of a Good Example
48 Sweet and Dangerous
49 Unplug
50 Paying for It