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Maritime Radical

The Life and Times of Roscoe Fillmore

By Nicholas Fillmore  

Maritime Radical

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Roscoe Fillmore was an outspoken advocate of radical political change in Canada. Written by his grandson, Maritime Radical is a lively and intimate portrayal of an uncompromising Canadian whose RCMP file grew to over 500 pages.

  • Paperback / softback, 300 pages
  • ISBN 9780921284505
  • Published May 1992


Maritime Radical is not just the story of one home-made rebel; it is the story of a stirring and frustrating epoch in Maritime political history.

– Silver Donald Cameron

Here we meet not a country gardener, but a hard-bitten social activist–a committed Communist at a time when being Red was dangerous in Canada–and a radicalism born out of the desperate conditions of the backwoods farmer in rural New Brunswick.

– Irving Abella, Books in Canada

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