Madness and Ruin

Madness and Ruin

Politics and the Economy in the Neoconservative Age

By Mel Watkins


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In this collection of articles, Mel Watkins, one of Canada’s foremost political economists, demystifies the business of economics and economic policy. In a clearsighted and entertaining manner, he explores the roots of recession, the role of the NDP, and the Gulf War.


This fine collection of Mel Watkin’s journalism is a testimony to how a clear mind and a coherent philosophy can embrace issues as diverse as free trade and aboriginal rights and explain them with clarity, sense, wit, and care.

– Stephen Clarkson, political economist and co-author of Trudeau and Our Times

Mel Watkins destroys myths and gives us economics with a human perspective. He’s also funny–unusual for an economist, even rarer for a radical intellectual!

– Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Simon Fraser University