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The Palestinian Uprising Against Israeli Occupation

Edited by Zachary Lockman and Joel Beinin  

  • Paperback / softback

This book, compiled by the Middle East Research and Information Project, provides an eyewitness look at the December 1987 Palestinian uprising, as well as in-depth analyses of how it permanently altered the political terrain of the Middle East.

  • Paperback / softback, 368 pages
  • ISBN 9780921284246
  • Published October 1989


Intifada is at once a history book, a reference anthology, and an activists’ handbook. Issues that are often avoided as too complex are brought together here in diverse forms appealing to different minds: academic, historical, narrative, poetic. Just as the uprising has transformed Palestinian society, this timely compendium should help transform popular thinking in our country about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the struggle for a just peace.

– Deena Hurwitz, Resource Center for Nonviolence

This book is the most realistic and helpful assessment yet of the intifada–its causes, its impact and its prospects. The editors, long-time students of the Middle East, are admirably equipped to do this work.

– George McGovern, Institute for Policy Studies

We owe the children of the intifada the obligation to tell the world what this great civilian uprising is all about. This book does that. It deserves the widest possible readership.

– Abdeen Jabara, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

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