International Development

International Development

Illusions and Realities

Third edition

By Maggie Black



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The idea of reducing poverty and inequality and improving health, education, and job opportunities around the world is beyond criticism. Yet, the reality of development can often be confusion, contradiction, deceit, and corruption.

This fully updated third edition makes a major contribution to the ongoing debate about the effectiveness of aid and development. Drawing on a wide range of sources, from international studies to personal stories, Maggie Black brings objective analysis and valuable insights to all the key themes. And she presents a forceful argument for bringing the poor and marginalised into the heart of the process.

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This book reaches and informs a new section of thinking across the world.

– Medha Patkar, Narmada Valley People’s Movement, India

These short books supply us with clear, well-written an memorable analyses that cut to the chase.

– Susan George, President of the Board, Transnational Institute


Foreword by Medha Patkar
Chapter 1 The History of an Idea
Chapter 2 Aid: The International Contribution
Chapter 3 Economic Development--Who Benefits?
Chapter 4 Social Progress Matters
Chapter 5 Enter 'Sustainability'
Chapter 6 Development is Political
Chapter 7 Where Next?