Buying and selling the world

Fourth edition

By Wayne Ellwood


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Globalization has an ever-increasing effect on our lives. It has made the world smaller and brought us closer together yet it can also make us more vulnerable and divided. The deregulation of finance and banking and the crisis they led to is a devastating example of the knock-on effects of globalization.

This fully revised fourth edition reviews the history and complexities of globalization, examining the forces in play and whose interests they serve. And while the global exchange of people, products, plants, animals, technologies, and ideas intensifies the key question that Wayne Ellwood asks ‘how can globalization be a positive force for change?’

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These short books supply us with clear, well-written and memorable analyses that cut to the chase.

– Susan George, President of the Board, Transnational Institute

For all who seek to think past corporate slogans to life-responsible government, this is a concise and valuable overview.

– Professor John McMurtry, Department of Philosophy, University of Guelph


John McMurty
Chapter 1 Globalization Then and Now
Chapter 2 The Bretton Woods Trio
Chapter 3 Debt and Structural Adjustment
Chapter 4 The Corporate Century
Chapter 5 Global Casino
Chapter 6 Poverty, the Environment and the Market
Chapter 7 Redesigning the Global Economy