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Between the Lines

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Getting Doctored

Critical Reflections on Becoming a Physician

By Martin Shapiro  

Getting Doctored
  • Paperback / softback

A critical memoir, by a doctor, that explores the process whereby young medical students are transformed, seemingly overnight, into hardened, alienated “professionals.”

  • Paperback / softback, 222 pages
  • ISBN 9780919946095
  • Published November 1978


Dr. Shapiro presents some very controversial aspects of medical training and practice–aspects that are becoming more obvious, and getting increased exposure in the press and in other books.

– Eve Smith, Northern Times

L’auteur démontre parfaitement le mécanisme du « nombrilisme » qui est développé en chacun de nous au cours des années. Les passages concernant l’entraînement clinique sont excellents.

– Philippe Couillard, jeune médecin

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