Enter At Your Own Risk

Enter At Your Own Risk

Canadian Youth and the Labour Market

By Richard Marquardt



Canadian youth face uncertainty and risk as they emerge from their education to enter an economy marked by high levels of unemployment, underemployment, bad jobs, and low wages. Richard Marquardt traces patterns of coming of age in Canada since the beginning of the industrial period in the nineteenth century. Avoiding simplistic analyses that point to a single cause, such as demographics, the school system, or technological change, Enter At Your Own Risk leads to a deeper understanding of the underlying issues. It also offers constructive proposals for change. This is the first book-length study of this crucial subject.


I really enjoyed this book, and I can’t wait to use it in my sociology of work classes.

– Mercedes Steedman, Department of Sociology, Laurentian University

Marquardt succeeds in bridging the gap between labour and education in a way that may give young people reason to despair, but that will certainly give us reason to fight for our future. He provides compelling evidence that current economic and social policies have set young people up to fail. Enter at Your Own Risk should top the reading list of anyone making decisions on policy affecting young people.

– Elizabeth Carlyle, National Chairperson, Canadian Federation of Students

Well researched and well written, Enter at Your Own Risk relentlessly challenges us to see the world through younger eyes, and unfortunately the picture is not always pretty.

– David Onley, education specialist, CITY TV