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Empire’s Law

The American Imperial Project and the War to Remake the World

Edited by Amy Bartholomew  

Empire’s Law
  • Paperback / softback

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Can democracy and human rights be imposed “by fire and sword”? Influential intellectuals, lawyers, and politicians from Canada, the U.S., and Europe, including Leo Panitch, Sam Gindin, Reg Whitaker, Jurgen Habermas, Andrew Arato and Samir Amin, examine the impact that the doctrine of pre-emptive war has had on international law and human rights, and its implications for the future of global justice and the rule of law. Charting new ways forward, and drawing on a variety of legal and political arguments, the contributors provide a wide-ranging analysis that will be useful to anyone with an interest in imperialism and international law.

  • Paperback / softback, 460 pages
  • ISBN 9781897071090
  • Published April 2006


Empire’s Law is first rate–a ‘must read’ for students of international law, politics and ethics. It includes excellent contributions by key theorists and impressive case studies. This provocative and original collection should be read and taught in classes at both undergraduate and graduate level.

– Jean L. Cohen, professor of political science, Columbia University

This remarkable collection of essays illuminates more fully than any other volume the costs of the Iraq war, especially the radical denial of the relevance of international law in the US’s pursuit of global empire. To understand this geopolitical challenge, citizens the world over should treat Empire’s Law as required reading.

– Richard A. Falk, Albert G. Milbank professor of international law and Practice Emeritus, Princeton University

Right now there can’t be enough discussion of America’s role in world politics… This is a much-needed collection from leading scholars.

– Neil Stammers, senior lecturer in the Department of International Relations and Politics, University of Sussex

Table of Contents

Amy Bartholomew
Part I The American Imperial Project
Chapter 1 Theorizing American Empire
Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin
Chapter 2 Interpreting the Fall of a Monument
J├╝rgen Habermas
Chapter 3 The Iraq War: Critical Reflections from 'Old Europe'
Ulrich K. Preuss
Part II Empire's Law: War, Human Rights and International Law
Chapter 4 The Conduct of the UN before and after the 2003 Invasion
Hans von Sponeck
Chapter 5 The UN and its Conduct during the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq
Denis Halliday
Chapter 6 Keeping its Promise: Use of Force and the New Man of International Law
Doris E. Buss
Chapter 7 Looking for Life Signs in an International Rule of Law
Trevor Purvis
Chapter 8 American Empire or Empires? Alternative Juridifications of the New World Order
Peter Swan
Chapter 9 Empire's Law and the Contradictory Politics of Human Rights
Amy Bartholomew
Part III Occupation, Democracy and Contradiction of Empire in Iraq
Chapter 10 A New Bonapartism?
Nehal Bhuta
Chapter 11 Empire's Democracy, Ours and Theirs
Andrew Arato
Chapter 12 The Three Cyclops of Empire-Building: Targeting the Fabric of Iraqi Society
Haifa Zangana
Part IV Resisting Empire: Room for Manoeuvre?
Chapter 13 Drifting Away from the Edge of Empire: Canada in the Era of George W. Bush
Reg Whitaker
Chapter 14 A 'Just War' or Just Another of Tony Blair's Wars?
David Coates
Chapter 15 The Uses and Abuses of Humanitarian Intervention in the Wake of Empire
Fuyuki Kurasawa
Chapter 16 Taking Empire Seriously: Empire's Law, Peoples' Law and the World Tribunal on Iraq
Jayan Nayar
Chapter 17 Whither the United Nations?
Samir Amin
Notes on Contributors

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