East Timor: Testimony

East Timor: Testimony

By Elaine Briere, Contributions by Noam Chomsky


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The People of East Timor endured the brutality of colonization and invasion, to emerge into the uncertain light of nationhood. At this point of transition, through stunning images and insightful texts, East Timor: Testimony presents the whole gamut of a people’s history, culture, and aspirations. Nine authors, including renowned investigator Noam Chomsky, have contributed original essays. Sixty-four of photographer Elaine Briere’s eloquent photos, richly reproduced as duotones, form the core of this haunting, informative book.

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[Brière’s] images represent the transformations of the country and its people, [and] give a face to oppression, names to former ghosts, and eyes to the world.

– Laurie Stirr, Briarpatch

[Brière’s] photos span East Timor’s tumultuous history from the time before Indonesia’s invasion to its independence. Through stunning portraits the book also highlights memorable, touching moments in everyday life. It also provides an intimate look at the East Timorese’s history, culture, and aspirations, with informed commentary from Noam Chomsky and others.

– Global Village Voice

Through stunning images and insightful texts, East Timor: Testimony presents a broad overview of the country’s history, culture, and aspirations. Sixty-four of photographer Elaine Brière’s eloquent photos form the core of this haunting, informative book.

– Inter Pares


Preface by Elaine Brière
Introduction by David Webster
Publisher's Note
Part I Rising Sun
Chapter 1 Timor, Where the Sun Rises
Merício Juvinal dos Reis with Engah Pakaryaningsih
Chapter 2 Elaine Brière, International Solidarity, and the Struggle for the Independence of Timor-Leste
Constâncio Pinto
Part II Storm
Chapter 3 Western Complicity in the Indonesian Invasion of East Timor
Noam Chomsky
Chapter 4 The International Solidarity Movement for East Timor
Carmel Budiardjo
Chapter 5 Living with Timor: Tragedy and Hope
James Dunn
Part III Onwards
Chapter 6 Building the New East Timor
Inês Martins and Andrew Texeira de Sousa
Chapter 7 The Gap in East Timor's Independence
Andriano do Nascimento and Charles Scheiner
Organizations in Solidarity with East Timor
Notes on the Contributors