All of Me

All of Me

Stories of Love, Anger, and the Female Body

Edited by Dani Burlison



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With women’s anger, empowerment, and the critical importance of intersectional feminism taking center stage in much of the dialogue happening in feminist spaces right now, an anthology like this has never been more important. The voices in this collection of essays and interviews offer perspectives and experiences that help women find common ground, unity, and allyship.

Through personal essays and interviews about what it is like to live as a woman (cis + trans) in this modern world—with all of our love, anger, complexities, and desires for justice—All of Me: Stories of Love, Anger, and the Female Body includes vulnerable, painful truths and bold inspiration.

This anthology is for seasoned feminists and young feminists alike—anyone looking to find inspiration in radical activism, creativity, healing, and more. This book covers topics of social and economic justice, creativity, racism, transgender perspectives, sexuality, sex work, addiction and recovery, reproductive rights, assault, relationship dynamics, families, fitting and not fitting in, radical self-care, witchcraft, and more.

If love and anger are two sides of the same coin, for women there are worlds to be explored with every flip of that coin. Readers will find a glimpse into those worlds in the pages of All of Me.

Contributors include Silvia Federici, Michelle Cruz Gonzales, Ariel Gore, Laurie Penny, Lidia Yuknavitch, Christine No, Kandis Williams, Vatan Doost, Deya, Phoenix LeFae, Anna Silastre, Michel Wing, Bethany Ridenour, Lorelle Saxena, Airial Clark, Patty Stonefish, Nayomi Munaweera, Melissa Madera, Margaret Elysia Garcia, Leilani Clark, Ariel Erskine, Wendy-O Matik, Kara Vernor, Starhawk, adrienne maree brown, Gerri Ravyn Stanfield, Sanam Mahloudji, Melissa Chadburn, Avery Erickson, and Milla Prince.


All of Me celebrates rage as a way to reject a culture that isolates women from one another. Such a necessary read!

– Soraya Chemaly, author of Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Anger

All of Me: Stories of Love, Anger, and the Female Body is not your typical feminist anthology, mostly because it busts open binaries, gender and otherwise, in brave and fierce ways. I have been thinking about the importance of feminism with regards to intimacy—in relation to ourselves, to our stories, to our work, to each other, and to the planet. This wide-ranging collection of stories and interviews is deeply intimate in all of these ways. All of Me brings you on a journey through people’s lives, connecting you to each story, whether the writers and storytellers are sharing personal narratives or ideas, they tell them in intimate, courageous, and beautiful ways. Bravo to Dani Burlison for creating the space for all these diverse and inclusive stories to be shared. By the way, reading this book will crack you open towards feeling more compassion and love. Read it. Read it out loud. Buy it for everyone you know. And then read it again.

– carla bergman, coauthor, Joyful Militancy: Thriving Resistance in Toxic Times

An incredible array of voices gather together in this tightly-packed, raucous anthology. If ever you felt the need to focus feelings of deep anger, All of Me serves as an almost step-by-step manual of rage.

– Inga Muscio, author of Cunt: A Declaration of Independence and Rose: Love in Violent Times

These stories of resilience center the voices and experiences often overlooked and unheard. All of Me: Stories of Love, Anger, and the Female Body is just what is needed to balance the torrents of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and violence filling our everyday newsfeeds.

– Victoria Law, author of Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women

Visceral, raw, and personal, All of Me is the barbaric yawp of womanhood unrestrained. Ranging from the confessional to the call to action, this collection of deeply personal writings tears back the veil of womanhood to show the glorious and gritty guts of it all. Unfiltered, unadulterated, open; witness the wounds and the wisdom of what it means to be a woman today.

– Lasara Firefox Allen, author of Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality


Dani Burlison
Christine No
Explicit Violence
Lidia Yuknavitch
Grab My Pussy, I Dare You
Michelle Cruz Gonzales
On Anger and the Black Female Body
an interview with Artist Kandis Williams
Tales of a Culture-Straddling Resident Alien
Vatan Doost
Fear, Safety, and the Realities of an Undocumented Student in a Border State
an interview with Deya
I’m a Hysterical Woman
Phoenix LeFae
How the European Witch Hunts Continue to Influence Violence against Women around the World
an interview with Silvia Federici
Dear Man with the Indigo Cardigan
Anna Silastre
Fire and Ice
Dani Burlison
Fear, Anger, and Hexing the Patriarchy
an interview with Ariel Gore
Michel Wing
Merging Sacred and Mundane
Bethany Ridenour
Notes on Racism, Trauma, and Self-Care from a Woman of Color
an interview with acupuncturist Lorelle Saxena
Locking Doors
Airial Clark
Violence, Generational Trauma, and Women’s Empowerment in Indigenous Communities
an interview with Patty Stonefish of Arming Sisters
Thoughts on Mother’s Day
Nayomi Munaweera
On Sharing Our Stories
an interview with Melissa Madera of The Abortion Diary Podcast
In the Belly of Fuckability
Margaret Elysia Garcia
Last Drink
Leilani Clark
How to Be A Genderqueer Feminist
Laurie Penny
Coming Out as Trans in a Small Hometown
an interview with artist Ariel Erskine
Wendy-O Matik
Fucking Patriarchy through Radical Relationships
Wendy-O Matik
What’s Money Got to Do, Got to Do with It?
Kara Vernor
Demystifying Sex Work
an interview with P.A.
Auntie Starhawk’s Sex Advice for Troubled Times
Love as Political Resistance: Lessons from Audre Lorde and Octavia Butler
adrienne maree brown
Burnout, Sacred Leadership, and Finding Balance
an interview with Gerri Ravyn Stanfield
What Is a Home?
Sanam Mahloudji
Discovering the Radical Possibility of Love
Melissa Chadburn
Desert Rain
Avery Erickson
Milla Prince