• Political power is plague power

    In this video interview, philosopher Alberto Toscano discusses what the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic tells us about the nature of the state.

  • bell hooks

    In this reading list, Between the Lines gathers some of bell hooks' most powerful works to celebrate the renowned author and activist's 68th birthday.

  • Silence Breakers

    A reading list to lift up the voices of women who broke their silence to take powerful institutions, systems, and individuals to account.

  • Defund the Police

    The call to defund the police is gaining major traction across North America. We've compiled a list of readings examining the reactionary role of the police in a capitalist society.

  • #SafeSeptember

    This September, as children and adults across the world return to the classroom, we’re thinking about the books that provoke critical thought about the way we are educated.

  • Black Lives Matter

    Hundreds of thousands of people are in streets across Turtle Island and around the world, protesting against the anti-Black policing and systemic racism that upholds capitalism. We've put together a reading list that highlights the history and movement for Black lives.

  • Labour Day

    To celebrate Labour Day 2020, we’ve put together a reading list that honours the militancy and dignity of the Canadian labour movement.

  • If you stay quiet, the system is working

    Our silence means that we can be picked off, one at a time, by repeating the same suffocating list of tired refrains: we are not credible, we were asking for it, we are casting aspersions on innocent men and ruining their reputations, and the details of what we say happened to us are disgusting and repulsive and we should shut up.

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