• Union Made Books

    by and for workers changing the world.

  • The Last Win Is the Best Win

    For International Women's Day, we are publishing an excerpt from Bonnie Robichaud's memoir, It Should Be Easy to Fix.

  • Books for Black Liberation

    For Black History Month, we have compiled a reading list of books on Black organizing, radical thought, and subversive histories.

  • Music, Film, and Political Deadlock in Cuba

    Author Karen Dubinsky describes a recent visit to Cuba amidst its political polarization.

  • Radical books for the holidays

    We've compiled our annual holiday gift guide to help you find the right present for your friends, family, and comrades this holiday season.

  • Introducing our spring books

    Here’s a sneak peek at seven forthcoming titles coming out in the spring.

  • Intimate Wartime Choices

    Suzanne Evans, author of The Taste of Longing, reflects on the mementos and human experiences of war, displacement, and internment.

  • Forty-five years of reading between the lines

    We are celebrating our 45th anniversary as a radical book press this week! Here's a look back on some of our early publications.

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