• Return of the New Left

    Aaron Sorkin’s new Netflix film “The Trial of the Chicago 7” misleads viewers, takes liberties with facts, and whitewashes the radical history of the New Left to make it more palatable to liberal viewers. If the movie left you frustrated and hungry to know more about the history of social movements in the 1960s and 1970s, check out our New Left reading list.

  • Reproductive Justice

    Reproductive justice is everyone’s issue. This reading list pulls on diverse voices in the fight for reproductive justice, from its history in Toronto to critical calls to action throughout North America.

  • 43 years of books without bosses

    Today we're celebrating our 43rd anniversary with a 50% off sale on Books Without Bosses, a graphic history of the press.

  • An abortion gone wrong in “Toronto The Good”... in 1875

    Jeannie’s Demise illustrates the devastating price a Toronto woman could pay to end a pregnancy at a time when abortions were outlawed in Canada and providers—whatever their skills—were driven underground.

  • A shock to the neoliberal system

    Well-known activist and organizer John Clarke predicts a volatile future, where raised expectations are pitted against an ongoing neoliberal restructuring of society.

  • “Enjoy your homes. Enjoy your food. There is nothing that can take their place.”

    I am writing just ahead of Thanksgiving. Many of us will be lucky enough to celebrate the harvest with a joint of fowl or a fatted cauliflower. The question is, who will be at the table with us on a holiday meant to be spent with friends and family?

  • Narrating your own memoir during a pandemic

    BTL author Julie S. Lalonde (Resilience is Futile) speaks about her experience narrating her own audiobook during the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • Political power is plague power

    In this video interview, philosopher Alberto Toscano discusses what the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic tells us about the nature of the state.

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