• Audiobooks without bosses

    Looking for something to listen to while on the road, cleaning the house, or indulging the last days of summer? A lesser-known fact about our modest book press is that several of our books have been made into audiobooks and are available for your listening pleasure.

  • Your alt Toronto reading list

    Toronto is so much more than condos, Bay Street high-rises, and gentrification, but too many of the city’s stories are erased or forgotten.

  • A sneak peek at our fall books

    We've paired each of our forthcoming fall books with a backlist favourite.

  • Your reproductive justice reading list

    The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade. It's never been more urgent to arm yourself with information from diverse voices in the fight for reproductive justice.

  • Your media literacy toolbox

    This reading list will help you pinpoint, question, and resist propaganda in all its forms.

  • Bringing sexual harassment into the light of day

    Julie Macfarlane (Going Public) in conversation with Bonnie Robichaud, author of the newly published memoir It Should Be Easy to Fix.

  • Anti-war Reading List

    Books about the horrors of war, and for building anti-war movements.

  • bell hooks

    In this reading list, Between the Lines gathers some of bell hooks' most powerful works to celebrate the life of the renowned author and activist.

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