Between the Lines

Between the Lines

40 years of books without bosses, 1977-2017

Graphic History Collective

The Graphic History Collective is made up of activists, artists, writers, and researchers passionate about comics, history, and social change. They produce alternative histories—people’s histories—in an accessible format to help people understand the historical roots of contemporary social issues. Graphic History Collective comics show that you don’t need a cape and a pair of tights to change the world. Members of the Graphic History Collective are organized with the Canadian Freelance Union, a Community Chapter of Unifor.

  • Drawn to Change

    Graphic Histories of Working-Class Struggle

    By Graphic History Collective  With Paul Buhle  

    Picture this, working class history!

    • Wilson Book Prize, The Wilson Institute for Canadian History, 2017 (Winner)
    • Public History Prize, Canadian Historical Association, 2017 (Winner)

    Published March 2016

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